The Cry Of A Bird

by Leibowitz

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Gordo Bennett
Gordo Bennett thumbnail
Gordo Bennett This is such a feel good album! Its like I just watched an awesome movie and this was the soundtrack. Favorite track was hard to pick... to many... 2nd- "Perfect" 3rd- "Somewhere in the sea". Great Job Josh, looking forward to your next soundtrack! Click Buy Now!!! Favorite track: Like The Florida Sun.
Nate Wilson
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Nate Wilson Though my focus for most music is the instrumentation, I found the lyrics in this piece to draw me in, recollecting memories and experiences of my past. Favorite track: Soulsucker.
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3rd Leibowitz album, released 12/25/2014


released December 25, 2014

All songs written by Josh Leibowitz
All instruments and vocals by Josh Leibowitz*
*Denotes guest appearance
Engineered, recorded and mixed by Ric Pattison
Album Artwork and Design by Martin Kornick
Produced by Josh Leibowitz
*Ric Pattison plays conga on Soulsucker (Track 4)
*Matt Stevens plays electric guitar solo on The Flight Of A Bird Part 2- The Flight Of A Man (Track 10)



all rights reserved


Leibowitz Boynton Beach, Florida

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Track Name: Child Of The Sun
Day is done
I see the sun shine on through
When my work is done
I will come and stay with you

Please don't go away
Please don't go away again
It causes too much pain
Please don't go away again

When I step into the light
I have daylight in my sight
No more darkness in my life
I will step into the light

Child of the sun
Child of the sun
Day is done
I see the sun shine on through

Day is done
I see the sun shine on through
Track Name: The Cry Of A Bird Part 1-Dark Houses
I've got this nightmare
It runs on a loop
And it won't stop until I cut it

Shut the world down
Drift to sleep
Tired mind is sinking deep
Turns the clock back
Time has faded
To the days anticipated

Walked the old road
Left no traces
Passed the old school
Empty factory
Broken lights reveal blank faces
Dark houses
Dark Places

The cry of a bird
Is all that I heard
Shouting a warning
A feeling is forming
Can't turn away
From the things I see
Gasping for air
The fire consumes me

I toss and I turn
My memories burn
The scenes I thought
Were long forgotten
Take me away
It's all going gray
As I try to make it STOP

I'm driving a car
That's going too fast
Despite all my fear
I step on the gas

Woke up to the dawn
With a color show around the world
Songs of morning fill the air
No script as it's not been written

Feel the energy
That flows through
Every part of me
Some forgotten symphony
The notes are there
You hear you see
The sky is clear
Enough for me
The birds are
High up in the trees
Excuse me man
I've got to leave
I'm running late
But I'm still running
Way down south
The wind blows free
Across the field
Above the sea
The dogs are barking
At cars parking
Right now it's
As calm as it can be
Breaking through the chains
That I put on myself some days
Memories I can't erase
That have me trapped
Inside of places
Unfound blame
That's throwing faith
That's putting scars
Upon my soul

But it's part of my design
A creation of my mind
Been refusing to attack
It's not the time to not fight back

Shutting the world down
And drifting to sleep
Feel my mind is sinking deep
I'm stuck in a nightmare
That runs on a loop
Trying to fight my way
To the surface
Track Name: The Cry Of A Bird Part 2- The Flight Of A Man
Some people leave you on the line
They think they've got time to make amends
I've come to wonder why
Some stories have to end

But oh
When you're on the job you never know
Which of them will pass
And who should go
Either way it makes my heart swing low

Some people leave you on the line
They think you've got time to wait for them
Eventually they realize why
I have to say goodbye to you, my friend

But oh,
When I'm on the job I never know
The seams that I should rip
Or try to sew
Either way it makes my heart swing low

As it's been written
And let the record show
I've not been defeated
You never depleted me

So state your claim
It's not a trial
For me it's the truth
You tried to file me away

Now we are locked in battle
I look at look at you like hunted cattle
Now that we've drawn the line
I'll take you down
I'll take you down
Along with the rest of the ship

I'm a ghost from the way past
We used to be real close
Good to see you again
Must say you're looking well
Hope I'm able to tell
As it's been such a long time

Wonder if you remember
That haunting November
When I was crying out for you
Regardless, how have you been?
Tell me where to begin
As it's been such a long time

I've been flying high
I've been flying low

Checking over the landscape
The hills and the snow
To tell you the truth
I've been thinking of you

At the time I didn't notice
How much you were hurt
That I did it to you
Hope you will forgive me
As I will forgive you
We don't have forever, I know
Regardless, how have you been?
Show me where to begin
It's so good to see you my friend

I've been flying high
I've been flying low
There are more places I must go

Now I must go
When you find love, you will find peace
When you find peace, you will find love